Maya Mynster Christensen

Background/education: Anthropologist, PhD

Thematic specialization:

Perpetrative networks and institutions, militia mobilization, private security companies, military institutions, global security politics, policing and urban violence, democratization and electoral violence

Country experience: Sierra Leone, Afghanistan

Selected publications:

‘Shadow Soldiering: Shifting Constellations and Permeable Boundaries in Private Security Contracting’. Conflict and Society: Advances in Research 3 (2017): 24-41. Berghahn Books.

Th underbelly of global security: Sierra Leonean ex-militias in Iraq. In Higate & Utas (eds): Private Security in Africa: From the Global Assemblage to the Everyday. 2017. Zed Books. 

Social Work Models in Addressing State and Authority-Based Violence in Denmark and the Philippines: A praxis paper prepared in collaboration between Balay & Dignity for the Global Alliance. PDF.

The Gift of Violence: Ex-Militias and Ambiguous Debt Relations during Post-War Elections in Sierra Leone. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, Vol. 6, No. 2 (Fall 2016), pp. 23-47, 2016.

Securing Sierra Leone 1997-2013: Defence, Diplomacy and Development in Action. Book Review. African Affairs. First published online March 31, 2016.

The Underbelly of Global Security: Sierra Leonean Ex-Militias in Iraq. African Affairs. First published online December 13, 2015.

Mentoring the Afghan Army at the Officer Academy in Kabul: Findings and Recommendations. Policy Brief, December 2015. Royal Danish Defence College.

Cultural Frictions: Mentoring the Afghan Army at ‘Sandhurst in the Sand’. Co-author: Cecilie Jakobsen. Small Wars Journal. November 19, 2015.

Shadow Soldering: Mobilisation, Militarisation and the Politics of Global Security in Sierra Leone. PhD Dissertation, 2013. University of Copenhagen.

Big Man Business in the Borderland. In Mats Utas (ed): African Conflicts and Informal Power: Big Men and Networks, pp. 60-77. 2012. Zed Books.

Mercenaries of Democracy: The ‘Politricks’ of Remobilized Combatants in the 2007 General Elections, Sierra Leone. Co-author: Mats Utas. African Affairs 107/429: 515-539, 2008.

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