Edith Montgomery

Education and academic degrees
Authorized psychologist, specialist in child psychology and a supervisor and specialist in psychotherapy

Dr. Med. (2011)

PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen (1997)

Diploma in systemic therapy from The Rhohamton Institut of Higher Education, London (1993)

MSc in psychology from the University of Copenhagen (1977)


Senior Researcher, DIGNITY (2012 -)

Research Director, Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT), Copenhagen (from 1999-2012)

External associate professor, Institute of Psychology, University of Copenhagen (2000-1)

Chief Psychologist, RCT, Copenhagen (1993-98)

Clinical psychologist, research fellow, consultant RCT, Copenhagen (1988-1993)

Clinical psychologist, School Psychological Counselling Centre, Lyngby (1980-91)

Clinical psychologist, Student Counselling Centre, Copenhagen (1979-80 and 1977-78)

Post-graduate training position, Adult Psychiatric Department, Gentofte Hospi­tal (1978-79)

Trust and membership
Member of the Centre Council of the Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU), University of Copenhagen (from 2010)

Member of the steering committee of the Nordic Network for Research on Refugee Children (from 2006)

Member of the chairmanship for external examiners at the BSc and MSc programs in Public Health Science, Master of Public Health, and IT and Health at Danish universities (from 2005)

Member of the steering committee for (from 2005)

Appointed as external examiner at the BSc and MSc programs in Public Health Science at Danish universities (from 2001)

Selected research related activities

Member of doctoral project commissions at the University of Ghent, Belgium, the University of Bergen Norway, the University of Oslo, Norway, La Trobe University Australia, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium, Tampera University Finland, University of Copenhagen Denmark and University of Southern Denmark. 

Used as reviewer by 16 scientific journals

Grants for research projects obtained from The Egmont foundation, The Ministry of Social Affairs, Sygekassernes Helsefond, Tryg fonden, the Ministry of Refugee and Integration, the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, the Dr. Sofus Carl and Olga Doris Friis Fund, the BG Fund, the Danish Medical Association/Højmosegaardlegatet, the Torkil Steensbeck Fund, Chief Engineer Walter Christensen and O. Kristiane Christensen Fund, the Steamship Company Torm, Alfred Benzon’s Fund, the Tides Foundation and Henrik Henriksens Fund.

Current networks
Nordic network for research on refugee children (

Research network on health among ethnic minorities

Selected publications

Berliner P, Hauch Fenger P, Montgomery E & Kjaerulf F. Violence, mental health, and community interventions. In: Community Psychology. Barcelona University Press, 2004.

Bek-Pedersen K & Montgomery E. Narratives of the past and present: Young refugees' construction of a family identity in exile. Journal of Refugee Studies, 2006: 19 (1), 94-112.

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Dalgaard, N.T., Montgomery, E. Disclosure and silencing: A systematic review of the literature on patterns of trauma communication in refugee families. Transcultural psychiatry, 2015, 52:579-593.

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Wang, S-J, Modvig, J & Montgomery, E. Household Exposure to Violence and Human Rights Violations in Western Bangladesh (I): Prevalence, Risk Factors and Consequences. BMC International Health and Human Rights, 2009, 9:29.

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